WINTER 2016-17

Newspaper Feature - Loudoun Now - March 2017 - by Jan Mercker
"Novelist John DeDakis Headlines Leesburg's Writers Project Runway

Book Review - Bullet in the Chamber - Reader Views - Carol Hoyer
"DeDakis provides a gripping, realistic, and can’t-put-down read. I highly recommend this book."

Radio Interview - John Raab - Suspense Radio Inside Edition - January 28, 2017
We cover a lot of ground in this 30-minute interview:
2:45-5:45 -- A discussion of Bullet in the Chamber
6:00-10:00 -- The difficulty of writing about the death of my youngest son Stephen
11:00-13:00 -- The challenge of writing a series in which each book stands alone
14:00-18:00 -- The power of the subconscious when it comes to writing my protagonist Lark Chadwick
19:00-22:00 -- The writing process: planning vs. seat-of-the-pantsing
22:00-29:00 -- The changing face of journalism following the election of Donald Trump as president

Book Talk - Hellenic Writers' Group of Washington, D.C. - Dec. 18, 2016

Book Review - "Bullet in the Chamber" - Readers' Favorite - Lucinda E. Clarke
"Bullet in the Chamber by John DeDakis screams authenticity."

Book Review - "Bullet in the Chamber"
"With "Bullet in the Chamber," author John DeDakis proves to be a gifted and original novelist who is a master of the political thriller. A consistently compelling read from beginning to end, "Bullet in the Chamber" is very highly recommended, especially for community library collections."
~Midwest Book Review

"Bullet in the Chamber" is featured in the Winter issue of Big Blend Magazine.
Also...... click here for the interview with me that goes with it. It's long, so take it with you on your run or walk:

FALL 2016

Radio Interview: Tony Kay - Artist First Radio Network

Feature in the Sept/Oct issue of THE BOOK BREEZE…

Interview -- Book Cover Junkie

Interview -- Blogcritics

Interview on the writing life -- Mom Bloggers Club

Interview - The Story Behind Bullet in the Chamber - The Review From Here

Interview with my protagonist, Lark Chadwick -- Beyond the Books

Interview - Blogger News

Bullet in the Chamber - Chapter One excerpt -- Book Marketing Network

Interview -- As the Page Turns

Interview -- Straight from the Author's Mouth

Excerpt - Bullet in the Chamber - My Bookish Pleasures

5-star Book Review - Bullet in the Chamber - Futures (Mostly) Mystery Magazine - Cynthia Lea Clark
"...a high caliber romp....An excellent political thriller. Highly enjoyable!"

Blog Post - "I'm Afraid to Write!" - The Writer's Life

Radio Interviews with Burl Barer - Outlaw Radio
Sept. 11, 2016:
We discuss my time as a White House correspondent and early career in journalism

Oct. 1, 2016:
We discuss the release of Bullet in the Chamber and how I'm able to write as a 20-something young woman.

Book Excerpt - Bullet in the Chamber - Omnimystery News

Vicki Liston reviews Bullet in the Chamber on multiple platforms.
"A kinetic, Russian roulette of a read!"
Amazon -

Barnes and Noble -

Alibris -

GoodReads -

LibraryThing -

Books a Million -

Powells Books -

FetchBook -

Google Books -

Monday, September 26, 2016
1:00 p.m. Eastern
Radio Interview with Cyrus Webb
Program will be live-streamed and archived at

Monday, September 26, 2016
1:00 p.m. Eastern
Radio Interview with Cyrus Webb
Program will be live-streamed and archived at

September 2016
Book Review - Bullet in the Chamber - Mary Ann Smyth -
"...exciting and full of suspense."

Saturday, October 1, 2016
5:00 p.m. Eastern
Radio Interview with Burl Barer on Outlaw Radio

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
8:30 p.m. Eastern
Radio Interview with Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith on Big Blend Radio

July 2016:
Book review of Troubled Water -- Cynthia Lea Clark, "Futures (mostly) Mystery Magazine"
"Fun, exhilarating read. Enjoyable and well written. Great way to pass the time with a good book. Exciting. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 4.9."
~Dr. Cynthia Lea Clark, Psy.D., Ph.D., MHt., Diplomate Homeland Security

April 13, 2016:
Here’s a link to a short interview I did on WCAX, the CBS television affiliate in Burlington, Vermont about surviving the death of my son Stephen:

May 5, 2016:
Michael Hall, the Chief of Police in Manchester, Vermont, saw the WCAX interview (above) and invited me to come to his community to address the problem of heroin addiction. That led to this interview:

Friday, November 15, 2015
Radio Interview - Svetlana Kim - "To The Stars Through Adversity"
Topics covered: At 3:00 - Finding purpose; at 6:25 - Covering the White House; at 8:25 - Being afraid to write; at 11:41 - Discipline, inspiration, and persistence; at 14:30 - writing a memoir; at 17:13 - Writing as a woman (emotions); at 21:00 - The DeDakis name; at 23:00 My next novel, "Bullet in the Chamber."; at 25:00 - Grief and emotions.

Sunday, May 24, 2015
5 p.m. Eastern Time

Live Radio Interview with Sophia DiGonis (The Gypsy Poet)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 4:30 p.m. 
Radio Interview - WLVS-FM, Washington, DC ("Radio You Can Watch") - The We B. Swangin Show
*The interview Begins at 13:30

August 20, 2014
Review of Troubled Water -- Vicki Liston -- Amazon
"DeDakis is not only able to write convincingly as a woman, but he writes in such a way that makes the reader completely forget he’s a man."

July 25, 2014
Radio Interview -- Host: Drew Schlosberg of the Union-Tribune in San Diego. The 30-minute interview is in two parts below the paragraph about me. Here's the link:

April 23, 2014
News Item - Class Notes - University of Wisconsin School of Journalism

April 16, 2014
Video of my appearance before the Annapolis, Maryland Writers' Group:
" From Journalist to Novelist (Or How I learned to Start Making it Up)"
Also includes Q&A and the writing workshop "Getting an Agent & Getting Noticed."
Includes a link to the PDF handout I used

April 14, 2014
Review of Troubled Water – Harriet Klausner -- Midwest Book
" Fabulous . . . a terrific mystery."

April 2, 2014
Review of Troubled Water - I Love a Mystery Newsletter - John Broussard
" . . . well-written, nicely-plotted . . ."

March 16, 2014
Troubled Water is the Book of the Week on Angie’s Diary:

March 13, 2014
Radio Interview with Cyrus Webb - Blog Talk Radio

March 9, 2014
Review of Troubled Water on the Mystery Maven Blog by Liz Nichols:
“ . . . an action-packed thriller with very human characters . . . ”

March 8, 2014
Troubled Water Book Launch - The Writer's Bloc by Anastasia Champ

March 6, 2014
Review of Troubled Water – Julia Hopkinson – Readers’ Favorite
“ . . . excellent story . . . ”

March 5, 2014
Review of Troubled Water – Jack Goodstein –
“ . . . a riveting . . . tightly wrought thriller . . . . ”

March 5, 2014
Radio Interview with Lisa Smith – Big Blend Radio
The 30-minute interview starts at 6:00.
Here are the times and the topics:
7:00 – My retirement from CNN
8:51 – A discussion on the state of journalism today
11:30 – My three books
15:40 – Lark’s love interest in Troubled Water and how journalism is depicted
18:00 – Why I write as a woman
19:36 – A discussion about grief following the death of my son Stephen
25:32 – Lark’s mentor and friend Lionel Stone
27:00 – A discussion about eBooks and self-publishing
30:00 – Other projects I’m working on
31:30 – Drinking with Jesus

March 3, 2014
Review of Troubled Water - Valerie Porter -

February 26, 2014
Radio Interview with Dr. Alvin Jones
This fast-paced 12-minute conversation covers a lot of ground. We talk about "Fast Track,"  "Bluff," and "Troubled Water."  We also talk about why I write as a woman and about the quirks  in some of the characters I've created. 

February 18, 2014:
Interview – Omnimystery News

February 17, 2014
Review of Troubled Water – Mary Ann Smyth –
“Wow! Good book.”

February 14, 2014
Review of Troubled Water – Kathleen Hennrikus – New York Journal of Books
“One of the joys of having a journalist write a book is that they really do know how to write.”

February 12, 2014:
The La Crosse Tribune – La Crosse, Wisconsin

February 7, 2014
Blog Interview – Marshal Zeringue – Campaign for the American Reader 

February 4, 2014:
Here's a fun interview I did with Tony Kay on his Authors-First radio show to promote my new novel Troubled Water. We cover some interesting ground including some of the wonderful women in my life. Click here then scroll to the Ds to find my name:
The conversation is a fast-paced 50 minutes, so consider downloading it and listening in your car, or when you're on the treadmill, out for a run (or walk), or doing stuff around the house. Thanks. I hope you enjoy it. ~JD

July 25, 2013
Journalists and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship by Gordon Govier

July 2, 2013
Blog Post – Tammy Kaehler – Poisoned Pen Press
Editing and querying advice, based on a panel discussion I was on at the California Crime Writers’ Conference 

April 13, 2012
Blog Interview – Daisy Hickman – Sunny Room Studio
We discuss grief following the death of my youngest son Stephen

Review/Interview -
“Fast Track is just that: the ultimate ride in Suspense!”

Here’s a link to all the interviews I’ve done (as of Feb. 19, 2014) for various programs on BlogTalk Radio:

March 5, 2012
Blog Interview – Amanda Brice – Ruby Slippered Sisterhood
We discuss how a man can write as a woman.

Radio Interview – Earth Angels Radio -
A fun discussion about how men can have meaningful relationships with women. 

March 22, 2011
Blog Interview – Norm Goldman –

March 21, 2011
Review of Bluff – Norm Goldman –
“I wasn’t disappointed . . . . His scenes are delicately rendered and crystal clear, permitting the reader to easily visualize the details. Moreover, his ability to cleverly and smoothly interweave two plots without losing focus is awesome!” 

July 25, 2010
Guest Blogger – Angie’s Diary
“Confessions of a Cross-gender Writer: 


February 25, 2008
Blog Interview – Marta Stephens – Murder by 4

November 2007
Review of Fast Track –
“ . . . riveting . . . with a superbly-rounded plot . . . . A definite, hard-to-put-down read!”

June 2007
Review of Fast Track - Midwest Book Review
"Superbly written and entertaining from beginning to end . . . highly recommended."

Monday, March 14, 2011
YouTube Interview
The District Dish with Kate Michael, Ebong Eka, and Sonya Gavankar
Click here to watch:

Friday, March 18, 2011
Blog Talk Radio Interview – Red River Radio
Page Turners with Meg Collins, Nancy Duci Denofio, and Antoinette Dickson
Click here to listen:

NOTE: It’s a lengthy interview, so here’s a handy guide:
It begins one hour in at 60:54
At 62:49 we talk about BLUFF
At 70:50 we discuss being a man writing as a woman
At 78:08 we discuss how men can forge meaningful relationships with women
At 90:40 we discuss writing vs. editing
At 105:48 we discuss how listening to women has affected my writing
At 109:12 we discuss writing sequels
At 114:06 we discuss planning and the craft of writing
At 134:33 we discuss journaling and staying organized
At 141:30 we discuss the rewriting process
At 148:13 we discuss the publishing business

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Blog Talk Radio Interview
Gelatis Scoop with Giovanni Gelati
Click here to listen:

The interview runs about an hour (excellent to download as a podcast while you exercise)  Here are the highlights:
The interview starts at 4:12
At 11:44 we discuss writing romance scenes
At 19:40 we discuss getting story ideas
At 23:18 we discuss the discipline of writing
At 26:00 we discuss editing CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer”
At 31:58 we discuss Social Media
At 39:34 we discuss hiking the Inca Trail as research for BLUFF
At 44:12 we discuss writing as a way to connect with others
At 49:00 we discuss my writing workshops


Monday, March 28, 2011
Radio Interview – Amanda Mangan
Magic 100.5 – Cumberland, Maryland
The interview is in two parts. Scroll to the March 28 program.

Here’s a link to my publisher’s website:
Here you’ll find several early newspaper reviews of FAST TRACK
I especially call your attention to a 2006 radio interview on Wisconsin Public Radio conducted by Jim Packard



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